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Job Description

Department:  Admissions

Supervisor:  Kim Miller


Job Summary:

The BLU (Bethel Life Unveiled) Crew is comprised of select Bethel University students who are hired to represent the University during overnight visits. The purpose of this position is to create a positive, authentic, and memorable experience for high school students who are considering Bethel as their University of choice.

Currently hiring for Fall semester.

Essential Job Functions:

BLU Crew responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Meeting prospective students on scheduled evenings
  • Creating a safe, clean, and hospitable environment for students to enjoy during their stay.
  • Sharing stories, insights, memories, etc. about Bethel, while presenting the University in a positive light.
  • Entertaining and including students in regular activities during the evenings.
  • Providing dinner and/or breakfast (paid by the Office of Admission), should the students need it.
  • Bringing students to designated meeting place the day after their overnight stay for their official campus visit.
  • Attending information meetings as needed.
  • Hosting no more than two to three students per room at a time.
  • Hosting students during overnight Pilot Preview Day events and participating in the evening activities during the first night of the event (often a Friday evening in the Spring).


BLU Crew members represent the heart, excitement and attitude of Bethel University.  They are energetic, friendly and responsible Bethel students who desire to welcome guests into their rooms and provide an unforgettable, authentic and positive experience.  BLU Crew members should be well-rounded and balanced spiritually, academically and socially.

Job Expectations

A BLU Crew member will be assigned by choosing the best match using majors and interests when possible to ensure the prospective student makes connections here on campus.  The BLU Crew member may choose to decline the overnight visit except for Pilot Preview/Admitted Student day requests.  Most visits begin at 5:00pm (if following their visit) or 6:00pm if beginning their visit and end between 8:30 – 9:00am the next day.