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Department:  Academic Success
Supervisor:  Rachel Kennedy

Hiring for Fall 2024 semester

Between six to ten coaches of each gender will be hired.  Preference will be given to returning coaches, who do not need to re-apply.

Job Summary:
A Peer Academic Coach acts as a guide to all things academic:  meeting weekly, one-to-one with his/her assigned freshman, during the fall semester, to assist in developing self-management skills in the following areas:

  • Understanding & following a syllabus
  • Using a calendar system to track assignments (electronic or paper)
  • Helping with time management and organizational systems
  • Setting academic goals
  • Helping the student learn to communicate with professors
  • Checking for effective note-taking and teaching this skill if needed
  • Monitoring Canvas with the student to ensure assignments are current
  • Introducing student to effective study techniques and test preparation
  • Pointing student toward resources (tutoring, disability services, counseling, etc)

Peer Coaches will meet with assigned students one-on-one weekly for an hour per student during the fall semester.  Each coach will have 3-5 students assigned to them (typically of the same gender).  Peer coaches are required to attend a half-day training at the beginning of the school year, as well as monthly meetings during the semester.  The monthly meetings are primarily a time of collaborative trouble-shooting.

  • GPA of 2.5 or greater (recent grades are more important than initial grades; a student who struggled academically his/her first semester, but overcame that is uniquely equipped to be a Peer Coach and encouraged to apply)
  • Will have attended Bethel as a full-time student for at least two semesters prior to employment
  • Has completed a minimum of 24 college credits
  • Follower of Christ Jesus who is comfortable praying with students s/he coaches
  • Person of character
  • Takes initiative; self-starter
  • Has good academic systems in place for self
  • Problem-solver, an “idea” person
  • Organized
  • Friendly and kind
  • Compassionate and empathetic
  • Responsible and on time