Intern Job Title: Department of Kinesiology Intern
Internship Supervisor Name and Title: Faculty, instructor of KINE
The Department of Kinesiology is seeking a dependable, energetic and motivated individual to assist with the maintenance and growth of the department. There are a variety of responsibilities that involved with the department of kinesiology including:

  • Assisting faculty with course instruction, assessment and equipment set up/ tear down
  • Kinesiology department equipment maintenance, care and cleaning
  • Organization and inventorying of department resources
  • Grading of assignments and grade entry
  • Hands-on and proactive assistance with Wednesday and Friday 8:00 am activity courses
  • Security for Kinesiology department material and equipment
  • Updating social media


  • Brainstorm and implement ideas for improvement for the student experience in the kinesiology department.

This individual will work alongside all faculty and staff, which includes full-time and adjunct faculty.


  • A junior or senior with experience in/and knowledge of the Department of Kinesiology is necessary for this position.
  • This position is designed to benefit someone who is looking for a career in a kinesiology related field.
  • Candidate will be working with faculty from the 4 options within the kinesiology major.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Kinesiology major
  • Self-Motivated
  • Able to work alone as needed

Physical demands may include cleaning, maintenance and inventory.

Range of hours per week:

Intern is to work 10 to 12 hours per week for 14 weeks with specific schedule and hours to be coordinated with internship supervisor.  Internship will commence the week of August 23, 2021 and conclude on April 29, 2022, unless internship is limited to one semester.


The Bethel University Intern Program is an initiative designed to provide traditional students with practical knowledge through meaningful work experiences. Students participating in these internships will perform research, tasks and projects that complement course work with their majors. Students will participate in two career development workshops, two diversity and inclusion workshops, and a resume coaching session during their first semester in order to continue with the program during their second semester. Employers prefer to see internships on a résumé and desire the skills gained from these experiences. Internships are available within participating Bethel University Departments.
 What is an Internship?
An internship is a mentored work experience with an educational focus tied to the student’s course work within their major. Typically, an internship is available for one or two semesters. They range from 10-12 hours per week for 14 weeks per semester for a maximum of 150 hours. Students must be registered for an internship course in their major to participate. The Bethel University Internship Program is a paid student worker program.
Student Eligibility
To be eligible to apply for an internship you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Full-time traditional student in good standing
  2. Student must be registered for an internship course within their major
  3. Minimum of 2.5 cumulative GPA and not on academic probation
  4. Declared major related to the internship
  5. May be required to possess specific competencies or skills to qualify for internship
  6. Must submit cover letter and resume along with application form

Apply here by May 1, 2021.