This position is for the Spring 2020 Semester.
Department:  Biology & Chemistry
Contact Person:  Beth Kroa
Priority consideration will be given to applications received by Tuesday, December 4.
Job Summary:
TA’s are largely lab assistant, circulating and answering questions during experiments.  They are there during lab duration (3 hours) and may have up to one more hour of lab preparation, clean-up, or possibly grading time.
Essential Job Functions:

  • Complete online safety training/assessment annually – one for CHEM or NS291 and another for BIOL or NS110
  • Attend training at start of semester
  • Assist the course instructor with the preparation of laboratory solutions and materials (i.e. pouring agar plates, pulling chemicals from stockroom, preparing solutions, organizing lab specimens, checking equipment such as microscopes, cleaning and organizing supplies)
  • Assist the course instructor in administrative duties (i.e. recording attendance, copying, distributing handouts)
  • Monitor and encourage personal stewardship of the laboratory supplies
  • Enforce safety requirements
  • Properly shelve, store, retrieve and document chemicals and waste
  • Assist course instructor with grading (when a key is provided)
  • Various other duties as requested by the instructor


  • Previous completion of the same/similar course with B or higher
  • Completion of 2 applications (complete this online application on the JobBoard as well as the department application found here)
  • Work eligibility as determined by Human Resources
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Willingness to improve the learning experience
  • Confidentiality in dealing with injuries, grades or student learning
  • Flexibility in serving the particular needs of a course/lab instructor

Please apply here.